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Ways to Support HCP

A child in Bhutan comforts his grandfather
A child in Bhutan comforts his grandfather after cataract surgery.

Your donation to the Himalayan Cataract Project delivers life-changing eye care to the poor and underserved populations that would otherwise go without this care. Donations may be made by:

The Himalayan Cataract Project is an independent tax-exempt non-profit organization, classified as a 501(c)3 by the Internal Revenue Code. Your donation is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law. The tax identification number for the Himalayan Cataract Project is 03-0362926.

The Gift of Sight

A cataract patient in Nepal
A cataract patient in Nepal celebrates a successful surgery.

Why your help is needed:

  • The number of blind is expected to double by the year 2020 — from 37 million in 2008 to 75 million by 2020 — according to the World Health Organization.
  • Imagine being blind. And poor. And there is no hope.

National Geographic Explorer: In this clip from "Miracle Doctors," Drs. Ruit and Tabin discuss the transformative effects of cataract surgery, and their personal goals to eradicate unnecessary blindness. See more video clips.

The Himalayan Cataract Project is rated as one of the world’s most financially efficient international health nonprofits.

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Online Donation

Securely and easily make an online donation to the Himalayan Cataract Project.

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Credit Card by Mail

You may also choose to mail in your credit card donation. Please use this form to do so.

Download a mail-in form for your credit card donation [PDF, 29Kb]


Send a check to help those affected by blindness. Please make your check payable to the Himalayan Cataract Project and mail it to:

Himalayan Cataract Project
PO Box 55
Waterbury, VT 05676 USA


If you wish to donate via PayPal, please follow this link

Stock Transfer

The Himalayan Cataract Project accepts gifts of stock, either through a brokerage firm or directly from an individual.

If the stock is held by a brokerage firm, the transaction can take place electronically between the brokerage firm and our bank. Please contact our office for more detailed information on gifting stock. Email Emily at info@[remove this text] for details.

If you have the stock certificate, please do the following:

  1. Sign a letter stating, "I relinquish control of said stock and am signing it over to the Himalayan Cataract Project";
  2. Sign the back of the stock certificate; and
  3. Send it to the Himalayan Cataract Project, PO Box 55, Waterbury, VT 05676 USA.

Money Wire

Donations can be wired directly to the Himalayan Cataract Project’s bank account. Please contact our office for more detailed information on wiring funds. Email info@[remove this text] for more information or use our online contact form.

Thank you so much for your contribution. Each one is significant and makes all the work of the Himalayan Cataract Project possible.

Donate Now

Join thousands of donors from around the world. Give sight — and hope — to a blind person now.

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Change a Life for $25

For just $25, you can radically improve a human life through the gift of sight-restoring cataract surgery.