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HCP in the Media

Comprehensive interview by HCP’s Dr. Geoff Tabin

Dr. Tabin

In a video interview with Dr. Patrick Gentempo, Dr. Tabin shares many stories, including his quest to conquer ‘The Greatest Mountain of Them All.’[more]

January 2015

CNN highlights the tireless efforts of Dr. Sanduk Ruit

A CNN report, “Sight for sore eyes: ‘Maverick’ doctor who restored the vision of 100,000 people,” features HCP Co-Founder Dr. Sanduk Ruit.[more]

December 2014

“An Eye-Opening Trip to Ethiopia”

A patient in Ethiopia

A blog post in honor of World Sight Day.[more]

November 2014

Dr. Sanduk Ruit in Michigan's Ann Arbor News

The newspaper reports on an event at University of Michigan that featured Dr. Sanduk Ruit.

October 2014

Al Jazeera 101 East’s Documentary “Gift of Sight”

Gift of Sight

From remote communities in Nepal and Indonesia, the film follows Dr. Sanduk Ruit’s steps and captures how paralyzing blindness can be in these areas. [more]

August 2014

Brown University profiles Dr. Geoff Tabin

Dr. Geoff Tabin and a patient

Brown University profiled HCP Co-Founder Dr. Geoff Tabin this spring in Brown Medicine magazine.[more]

June 2014

Forbes: “Lessons In Healthcare From 20,000 Feet: Bhutan's Solution To Eye Care”

Eye care in Bhutan

Forbes article about eye care in Bhutan includes Dr. Sanduk Ruit, Dr. Geoff Tabin and HCP.[more]

May 2014

Book review — ‘Second Suns’ in Colorado newspaper

Second Suns book

The Colorado-based Summit Daily newspaper published a review of “Second Suns,” the recently released book about HCP's co-founders.[more]

May 2014

“UW Medicine” magazine features Dr. Matt Oliva

Dr. Matt Oliva

An article and video about HCP's Dr. Oliva and his international health care work are featured.[more]

May 2014

Board Member Dr. Matt Oliva interviewed on Oregon Public TV

Dr. Matt Oliva spoke about his work with the Himalayan Cataract Project on a program called “Immense Possibilities.”[more]

May 2014

Dr. Geoff Tabin profiled by NOVA’s “The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers”

Dr. Geoff Tabin on NOVA

VIDEOS: Watch videos of HCP Co-Founder Dr. Geoff Tabin on NOVA’s “The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers.”[more]

April 2014

“A Rwandan Profile in Courage” by David Chang, M.D.

Dr. John Nkurikiye

Dr. Chang interviewed former HCP Fellow Dr. John Nkurikiye, Rwanda’s leading ophthalmic surgeon and president of the Rwandan Ophthalmology Society.[more]

January 2014

Utah Physician article spotlights HCP, Second Suns and more

Dr. Geoff Tabin

Utah Physician magazine published a cover story written by HCP Co-Founder Dr. Geoff Tabin.[more]

January 2014

Outside Magazine names Second Suns to best adventure books list

“...Deeply inspiring story of the Himalayan Cataract Project, a group of doctors that perform cataract operations in the developing world...”[more]

January 2014

HCP's sight-restoring work featured on PBS News Hour

HCP on PBS NewsHour

This national news segment featured Dr. Geoff Tabin and HCP working in India.

January 2014

HCP and Dr. Geoff Tabin’s work in India featured on Great Britain’s ITV

“Flying across the poorest parts of the county, setting up mobile clinics and treating hundreds of people in a day, he is changing lives overnight.”

November 2013

HCP featured in Huffington Post IMPACT article

Kristin Meekhof writes about the history and current work of the Himalayan Cataract Project.

November 2013

Voice of America highlights Dr. Sanduk Ruit's work in Myanmar


HCP Co-Founder Dr. Sanduk Ruit was featured in a VOA report on his recent high-volume surgical events in Myanmar.[more]

October 2013

“Nightline” features Himalayan Cataract Project's work


ABC’s “Nightline” featured an extended version of David Muir’s coverage of HCP’s recent sight-restoring work in Mekelle, Ethiopia.

October 2013

ABC Australia reports: Dr. Sanduk Ruit in Myanmar

Dr. Sanduk Ruit, HCP's co-founder and the medical director of Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology, is on a medical mission in Myanmar.

October 2013

CNBC article: “Eyesight to the blind: Cheap, fast surgery tackles cataracts”


“In addition to being a dramatically economical and successful surgery, it's also extremely emotional,” says CNBC in describing HCP's work.[more]

October 2013

ABC World News reports on HCP's recent sight-restoring work in Ethiopia, and shares a follow-up report

David Muir reported on a cataract surgery event in Ethiopia where more than 700 people regained sight.

October 2013

Nepali Times focuses on HCP co-founders & “Second Suns” book

“...This heart-warming tale about Ruit and Tabin stays true to these miracle men’s lives and mission.”[more]

September 2013

Dr. Sanduk Ruit featured in Australia's Daily Telegraph

Dr. Sanduk Ruit. Daily Telegraph photo.

“Dr. Sanduk Ruit worked with Australian icon Fred Hollows and has gone on to perfect his technique and teach it to the world.”

September 2013

Read excerpts and reviews of “Second Suns”

Reviews from the Sacramento Bee, Barnes & Noble, Outside Magazine, Amazon, GoodReads and more!

September 2013

The Economist spotlights HCP co-founders in a Q&A article

The Economist

Drs. Ruit and Tabin are featured in a Q&A in The Economist magazine's blog called Prospero.[more]

August 2013

Major feature story in Outside Magazine about HCP's running & eye surgery event in Ethiopia

The "Accelerate Ethiopia" fundraising event brought HCP doctors and runners to Ethiopia to run a half-marathon and restore sight to more than 850.[more]

August 2013

Pennsylvania eye doctor works to cure blindness in Ethiopia with HCP & ASCRS Foundation

Cataract patient in Ethiopia

Dr. Stewart Van Horn is among the first surgeons to take part in HCP's partnership with the ASCRS Foundation for training and outreach in Ethiopia.[more]

August 2013

Dr. Tabin in Deseret News: “Overcoming preventable blindness is one of those things we can really win”

Drs. Jean and Geoff Tabin

The reporter discussed the new book Second Suns, which focuses on HCP's Dr. Geoff Tabin and his partner based in Nepal, Dr. Sanduk Ruit.[more]

August 2013

Dr. Sanduk Ruit in InterAction blog: “In the Himalayas, blindness is often considered a death sentence”

Dr. Sanduk Ruit, Co-Founder of HCP

“In Nepal and other developing countries, cataracts affect the total population, including young adults and even children.”[more]

August 2013

Article in “Eye World”: HCP is “one of the most active and effective ophthalmology NGOs in [the Sub-Saharan] region”

Dr. David Chang wrote about HCP's partnership with ASCRS Foundation for cataract surgery training in Ethiopia. He also interviewed Dr. Tabin.[more]

August 2013

Job Heintz and Geoff Tabin talk about HCP on WDEV Radio

HCP CEO Job Heintz and Co-Founder Dr. Geoff Tabin were heard on the airwaves in Vermont, interviewed on WDEV Radio's “Vermont Conversation” program.[more]

August 2013

HCP's Dr. Geoff Tabin featured on Utah Public Radio

“Access Utah,” a program produced by UPR, interviewed HCP Co-Founder Dr. Geoff Tabin on July 30, just prior to a Second Suns reading event. [more]

July 2013

Article by Dr. Geoff Tabin published on Care2 social action network

Dr. Tabin with a patient

“While we cannot quickly and easily get rid of cancer or cure HIV, Malaria or Tuberculosis, half of all blindness in our world can be reversed overnight.”[more]

July 2013

Oregon's Jefferson Public Radio interviews HCP Board Member Dr. Oliva

Dr. Matt Oliva discussed his work with the Himalayan Cataract Project as well as the new book called Second Suns.[more]

July 2013

KOBI-TV in Oregon interviews HCP Board Member Dr. Matt Oliva

Dr. Matt Oliva was interviewed about his work with the Himalayan Cataract Project and the new book Second Suns.[more]

July 2013

New review by Washington Independent Review of Books

Washington Independent Review of Books

The Washington Independent Review of Books has published a review of “Second Suns,” a book about HCP's co-founders.[more]

July 2013

Dr. Matt Oliva featured in article in advance of “Second Suns” reading

Dr. Matt Oliva

HCP Board Member Dr. Matt Oliva is featured in an article in Oregon’s Mail Tribune in advance of an appearance at a Second Suns reading in an Ashland bookstore.[more]

July 2013

TIO ophthalmology course draws students to Nepal


“Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology (TIO), which is considered to be one of the best places for medical students aspiring to become eye specialists, has witnessed an increase in the flow of foreign students.”[more]

July 2013

July 12 Q&A on with Board Member Dr. Matt Oliva

Mark your calendars for July 12 at 12 p.m. EST to participate in a live chat on Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” with HCP Board Member Dr. Matt Oliva.[more]

July 2013

Dr. Sanduk Ruit’s editorial in Huffington Post IMPACT

HuffPost Impact

Dr. Sanduk Ruit, co-founder of HCP, wrote an editorial for Huffington Post IMPACT discussing poverty and blindness.[more]

July 2013

Borgen Magazine: “Himalayan Cataract Project Combats Blindness”

Borgen Magazine

The Himalayan Cataract Project was featured by the poverty-fighting Borgen Project.[more]

July 2013

“Shining a light on gift of sight” — The Miami Herald

Miami Herald

The Miami Herald book section ran a review of the book about HCP’s co-founders — “Second Suns.”[more]

July 2013

Voice of America profiles the work of Himalayan Cataract Project

Voice of America

“Poor families cannot afford to lose a worker, or to feed and care for someone helpless. ‘They call it a ‘mouth without hands,’’ Tabin said.”[more]

June 2013

Dr. Geoff Tabin interviewed on FOX-TV in Salt Lake City

He spoke about his work overseas and the incredible need for trained eye care professionals in developing countries.[more]

June 2013

Medical students at University of Cincinnati recommend “Second Suns”


“A must read for anyone interested in ophthalmology or international health, and a great book for medical students.”[more]

June 2013

Time Magazine features HCP's Dr. Tabin, Dr. Ruit & “Second Suns”

Time Magazine

“They service poor people in the developing world who have developed cataracts—a clouding of the lens of the eye that is the world’s leading cause of blindness.”[more]

June 2013

The Oregonian newspaper reviews “Second Suns”


The hometown paper of author David Relin takes a look at his new book.[more]

June 2013 “Second Suns” is a “crash course in humanity delivered as an adventurous tale”

“Second Suns, released June 18, is a crash course in humanity delivered as an adventurous tale. The book captures the joy of thousands of patients..."[more]

June 2013

“Second Suns” featured in Dr. Oz Book Corner

Dr. Oz Show

Dr. Oz gives a nod to the new book that features Himalayan Cataract Project co-founders Dr. Sanduk Ruit and Dr. Geoff Tabin. [more]

June 2013

Park City Record talks about the new book with Dr. Tabin

Park Record

“Relin recounts a tale of how two very different men ... came together to bring first-class medical care to the Third World.”[more]

June 2013

USA Today puts “Second Suns” on New & Noteworthy book list

USA Today

USA Today put “Second Suns” on its New & Noteworthy book list this week! The book about HCP’s co-founders is released in bookstores today, June 18![more]

June 2013

“Heroic health care,” says Washington Post in book review

Washington Post

Columnist Susan Okie says, “Second Suns portrays heroic health care delivered under harrowing conditions.”[more]

June 2013

Take Part op-ed from HCP’s Dr. Geoff Tabin: It is time to ramp it up

“We have the tools. We have the system. It is time to ramp it up,” says Dr. Tabin in an op-ed on the website[more]

June 2013

WNYC - New York Public Radio interview features Dr. Geoff Tabin & HCP


Listen to Dr. Geoff Tabin's extended interview on New York Public Radio - WNYC - on The Leonard Lopate Show.[more]

June 2013

Dr. Tabin and “Second Suns” featured in live Huffington Post interview

Geoff Tabin

Watch Dr. Geoff Tabin, co-founder of the Himalayan Cataract Project, on the Huffington Post's live online interview show called HuffPostLive.[more]

June 2013

“Second Suns” is on Barnes & Noble’s Best of the Month book list

Second Suns

Second Suns, which will be released on June 18, has been selected by Barnes & Noble as one of their Best of the Month books for June.[more]

June 2013

Film about South Sudan eye camp wins awards

Dr. Geoff Tabin in South Sudan

Film featuring the humanitarian eyecare work of Himalayan Cataract Project Co-Director Dr. Geoff Tabin & Dr. Alan Crandall won awards at Mountainfilm.[more]

May 2013

Outside Magazine gives “Second Suns” a rave review!

“Second Suns should be required reading for anybody with an interest in humanitarian philanthropy...”[more]

May 2013

Ophthalmic technology company, Optos, highlights HCP


Optos, a retinal imaging tech company and supporter of the HCP, highlighted HCP's work in a blog post.[more]

May 2013

“Duk County” documentary has been selected for Mountainfilm

Dr. Geoff Tabin in South Sudan

This Jordan Campbell film stars HCP Co-Director Dr. Geoff Tabin, Dr. Alan Crandall, John Dau & others. It follows an eye care mission to South Sudan.[more]

May 2013

New article & film clip on National Geographic Adventure Blog

Dr. Tabin in South Sudan

"Restoring Vision and Peace in the New South Sudan" on the National Geographic Adventure Blog was written by Jordan Campbell.[more]

April 2013

Nepalese website features Tilganga’s successful cornea donation campaign

Counselors Ram Pyari Karki and Suraj Gautam.

As a result of Tilganga’s work with two local hospitals in Nepal, there have been 87 cornea donations.[more]

April 2013

HCP's Dr. Sanduk Ruit featured on German TV

Dr. Sanduk Ruit

Dr. Ruit is shown hiking to a high-altitude, remote village in Nepal and completing eye screenings and cataract surgeries. [more]

April 2013

“Second Suns” book focuses on HCP Co-Founders Drs. Sanduk Ruit & Geoff Tabin

“Second Suns: Two Doctors and Their Amazing Quest to Restore Sight & Save Lives” from Random House focuses on HCP's Dr. Geoff Tabin & Dr. Sanduk Ruit.[more]

March 2013

Presentations by Drs. Sanduk Ruit and Matt Oliva available online

Drs. Sanduk Ruit and Matt Oliva both presented lectures at the 2013 Royal Hawaiian Eye Meeting.[more]

March 2013

Photographer & filmmaker documents his experience in Ethiopia

A patient after successful cataract surgery

Eric Perlman wrote an article about his participation in an HCP high-volume cataract event last spring and made a video.[more]

February 2013

Dr. Matt Oliva and HCP featured in new video

Video focuses on using technology to enhance his work with eye patients — in Oregon and abroad with the Himalayan Cataract Project.[more]

January 2013

Dr. Sanduk Ruit's TEDx Kathmandu talk now on YouTube

He discussed small-incision cataract surgery with the use of inexpensive intraocular lenses.[more]

January 2013

AAC article shares details of work in South Sudan by Drs. Tabin & Crandall

Young boy being prepped for surgery

An article by Jordan Campbell in the American Alpine Club blog shares details and photos of Dr. Tabin's and Dr. Crandall's work in South Sudan.[more]

December 2012

Baltimore Sun shines light on school raising funds for Accelerate Ethiopia

Baltimore Sun photo

Students at a middle school in Maryland are getting a special learning experience from their teacher, who is participating in Accelerate Ethiopia.[more]

December 2012

AP article highlights Dr. Sanduk Ruit's work in Indonesia

Associated Press photo from Indonesia

The article reported on Dr. Ruit's work providing more than 1,400 cataract surgeries and training local health care providers.[more]

November 2012

Vairochana newspaper features Dr. Sanduk Ruit

The article discusses Dr. Ruit’s history, why he became an ophthalmologist, and what inspires him to continue his work.[more]

November 2012

Indian newspaper publishes a feature story about HCP's Dr. Geoff Tabin

Dr. Geoff Tabin of HCP

The Hindu newspaper describes Dr. Tabin's life story and the events that led to the creation of the Himalayan Cataract Project.[more]

October 2012

In the prAna blog: Images, video and observations from Ethiopia event

Images, video and observations from an event that changed the lives of more than 1,100 Ethiopians.[more]

September 2012

Outside magazine announces special trip to Ethiopia for eye camp and running experience

Outside magazine

The Accelerate Ethiopia trip is a fundraiser for the Himalayan Cataract Project and imagine1day.[more]

August 2012

New paper by HCP Advisory Board member published in Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery

Dr. Chang

A paper co-written by HCP Advisory Board member Dr. David Chang has been published in the August edition of Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery.[more]

August 2012

HCP co-directors Drs. Tabin & Ruit featured in news article

Salt Lake Tribune

A feature story about HCP co-directors Dr. Geoff Tabin and Dr. Sanduk Ruit focuses on their tireless work aimed at eradicating blindness in Nepal.[more]

July 2012

Brazilian Outside magazine features work of HCP

Go Outside magazine in Brazil featured the Himalayan Cataract Project and its co-founders in a recent issue.[more]

June 2012

International article features Dr. Sanduk Ruit

A news article by Reuters shines a spotlight on the work of HCP Co-Director Dr. Sanduk Ruit.[more]

May 2012

Blog profiles photography of HCP friend & supporter Dr. Michael Lewis

Dr. Michael Lewis

The Chicagoist profiled the photography of HCP friend and supporter Dr. Michael S. Lewis.[more]

April 2012

HCP featured in Elevation Outdoors

Elevation Outdoors

An article by HCP friend Timmy O’Neill titled “The Gift of Sight” highlights his travels with Dr. Geoff Tabin, assisting in outreach eye care events.[more]

April 2012

Documentary focuses on importance of corneal transplantation

The "From the Eyes of Buddha" trailer explains that Dr. Sanduk Ruit & Dr. Reeta Gurung have been working on the problem of corneal blindness in Nepal.[more]

April 2012

CNN interview features Dr. Geoff Tabin

Dr. Tabin on CNN

Dr. Geoff Tabin was interviewed on CNN in late-March and he discussed his international eye care work.[more]

April 2012

KATH eye center in the news in Ghana

Ghana Daily Guide

The Ghana Daily Guide reported that construction of the new eye center in Kumasi, Ghana, is nearing completion.[more]

March 2012

News interview with Dr. Geoff Tabin discusses South Sudan eye care work

A young eye patient in South Sudan

Dr. Geoff Tabin, Co-Director of the Himalayan Cataract Project, was featured in an article in Utah’s Park Record titled “Opening eyes in South Sudan.”[more]

February 2012

New Dr. Geoff Tabin interview on Park City Television

Dr. Geoff Tabin on Park City Television.

HCP's Dr. Geoff Tabin discussed his international work during a 13-minute interview with Park City Television.[more]

January 2012

The Jakarta Globe – “Famed Eye Surgeon Turns Sights on Indonesia”

Jakarta Globe

A feature story on Dr. Sanduk Ruit, Co-Director of HCP, describing how the doctor is working on surgical missions and training in Indonesia.[more]

December 2011

NPR reports on HCP Affiliated Institution, Aravind Eye Hospital

NPR broadcast a report on the Aravind Eye Care System, in Madurai, India. It's a HCP Affiliated Institution with over 300,000 surgeries per year.[more]

November 2011

UNMC shines spotlight on affiliated ophthalmologist Dr. Mike Feilmeier

Dr. Mike Feilmeier

Dr. Mike Feilmeier has worked alongside Dr. Geoff Tabin and he's initiated an international division at University of Nebraska Medical Center.[more]

September 2011

HCP Co-Director Dr. Sanduk Ruit featured in Jakarta Post for work in Indonesia

The Jakarta Post newspaper in Indonesia wrote a feature story on HCP Co-Director Dr. Sanduk Ruit and his recent work in North Sumatra.[more]

August 2011

HCP International Fellow provides ongoing training & care in Kenya

A 9-month-old cornea recipient in Kenya.

The Toronto Star covered the work of HCP International Fellow Dr. Matt Bujak in Kenya.[more]

July 2011

Newspaper reports that partners in Trinidad plan new operating theatre

Following Dr. Geoff Tabin’s February work in Trinidad, the local ophthalmology team is planning for a dedicated operating theatre for eye surgery.[more]

July 2011

Dr. Geoff Tabin and Conrad Anker speak at USC

HCP’s Dr. Geoff Tabin and Conrad Anker

HCP’s Dr. Geoff Tabin and fellow adventurer Conrad Anker were featured in an USC publication after speaking about HCP’s work.[more]

April 2011

Dr. Sanduk Ruit interviewed on Australian radio

Dr. Ruit was interviewed about his life-changing eye care efforts on the Sydney radio show called "Breakfast with Adam Spencer." It aired on April 11.[more]

April 2011

Salt Lake Tribune features HCP and Dr. Geoff Tabin prior to the “Night for Sight” fundraiser

This daily newspaper reported on HCP and Dr. Geoff Tabin prior to the “Night for Sight” fundraiser on February 26 at Snowbird Resort in Utah.[more]

February 2011

Newspaper reports on Dr. Tabin delivering corneal training in Trinidad and Tobago

A three-day corneal transplantation workshop will benefit doctors at public health institutions in the small Caribbean nation.[more]

February 2011

Utah paper highlights Dr. Geoff Tabin and HCP's expansion to Africa

After success in the Himalayan region, HCP has expanded its focus to Africa, where there is only one ophthalmologist for every million people.[more]

February 2011

BBC airs documentary featuring HCP in Nepal

Human Planet

On Friday, February 10, the BBC aired a documentary on the “Human Planet” program highlighting an outreach event in Nepal. [more]

February 2011

Himalayan Cataract Project's far-reaching work is profiled in Eye World magazine

Eye World, published by the American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery, wrote about HCP's successes and challenges.[more]

January 2011

Dr. Sanduk Ruit featured in Aljazeera news video

In a video news report, Aljazeera followed Dr. Ruit at a mobile eye camp in Dhading, Nepal. [more]

December 2010

Bhutanese newspaper reports on cataract surgeries led by HCP's Dr. Sanduk Ruit

Photo from Kuensel newspaper.

A newspaper in Bhutan reported on cataract surgeries in early October led by HCP's Dr. Sanduk Ruit in Thimphu, Bhutan.[more]

October 2010

HCP's Dr. Geoff Tabin named to list of top US ophthalmologists

Dr. Geoff Tabin

Dr. Geoff Tabin, co-director of the Himalayan Cataract Project, was named recently to a list of the 30 best ophthalmologists in the United States.[more]

October 2010

Press reports on HCP doctors' presentations at APAO Congress in Beijing

OSN and Eye World Magazine reported on presentations by HCP ophthalmologists discussing reliability of SICS techniques versus phacoemulsification.[more]

September 2010

Dr. Oliva publishes blog post on Columbia University Earth Institute website

Read "Restoring Sight: My Work With the Himalayan Cataract Project in Ethiopia" by Dr. Matt Oliva, on the Columbia University Earth Institute website.[more]

September 2010

Dr. Tabin featured in "adventure philanthropy" article

Elevation Outdoor lauded Dr. Geoff Tabin for founding HCP "to cure the blindness that plagued the people in regions of the world he loved to climb."[more]

July 2010

Newspapers in Ghana report on new eye center

Newspapers in Ghana reported that Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital and Himalayan Cataract Project will construct a $1 million eye center in Kumasi.[more]

June 2010

Recent work in Ethiopia featured in Oregon newspaper

HCP Board Member Dr. Matthew Oliva and Affiliated Ophthalmologist Dr. Paul Imperia worked with HCP partner Dr. Tilahun Kiros to treat hundreds of patients in Ethiopia.[more]

May 2010

Dr. Geoff Tabin is profiled in Utah's Deseret News

The newspaper follows Dr. Tabin on climbing outings and relates his experiences bringing life-altering eye care to unserved populations.[more]

April 2010

HCP’s Dr. Sanduk Ruit heralded as “God of Sight to the Poor” in AP articles in NY Times & Wash. Post

Dr. Sanduk Ruit

HCP Co-Director Dr. Sanduk Ruit is lauded for his efforts to eradicate blindness amongst the world’s poor in a recent AP article.[more]

March 2010

Outdoor Utah adventure journal profiles Dr. Geoff Tabin

Describing Dr. Tabin's interest in climbing and other outdoor challenges, this journal highlights his greatest challenge: eradicating blindness.[more]

March 2010

Rwandan newspaper reports on HCP eye surgeries

Dr. Geoff Tabin in Rwanda.

The New Times of Rwanda reports on successful corneal transplant surgeries in that country in partnership with Himalayan Cataract Project's Dr. Tabin.[more]

February 2010

Park City Magazine features Dr. Tabin

This magazine ran a short feature story on HCP co-director Dr. Geoff Tabin, who resides in Park City, Utah.[more]

January 2010

Dr. Tabin and HCP also seen in December's Outside magazine

A December 2009 Outside magazine article names Tabin as one of 10 who are changing the world.[more]

December 2009

National Geographic Adventure magazine features Dr. Geoff Tabin and HCP in cover story

Dr. Tabin on cover of National Geographic Adventure magazine

National Geographic Adventure magazine features Dr. Geoff Tabin and an article on HCP's recent eye surgery camp in Ethiopia.[more]

November 2009

USAID's FrontLines newspaper reports on Tilganga Eye Center Expansion in Nepal

The Himalayan Cataract Project and the expansion of the Tilganga Eye Center in Nepal were the focus of this article.[more]

November 2009

Newspaper in Bhutan reports on recent HCP eye surgeries

Dr. Geoff Tabin after completing eye surgery in Bhutan

Kuensel Newspaper reported on Himalayan Cataract Project co-founder Dr. Geoffrey Tabin's recent corneal transplant surgeries in Bhutan.[more]

October 2009

Salt Lake Tribune highlights Himalayan Cataract Project lecture on Nov. 2

This Salt Lake City newspaper highlighted an upcoming lecture by Dr. Geoffrey Tabin of the Himalayan Cataract Project on November 2.[more]

October 2009

Article profiles Co-Director Dr. Geoff Tabin and thrill of transferring skills and knowledge

Health Sciences Report shines a spotlight on Dr. Tabin's recent accomplishments, and thrills of surgery, climbing and sharing his knowledge.[more]

July 2009

Ophthalmology Times article features David F. Chang, MD and HCP

Dr. Chang points to HCP, Tilganga Eye Centre and two other organizations for work that represents "the single greatest achievement in our field of cataract surgery during the past two decades."[more]

April 2009

Dr. Chang mentions Tilganga Eye Centre innovations in New York Times interview

In an Expert Q&A, Dr. David F. Chang describes what to expect with cataract surgery, as well as innovations at Tilganga Eye Centre.[more]

April 2009

Kathmandu Post reports that Tilganga's new wing will increase services, research and manpower in the eye sector

The new building will accommodate 700-800 eye patients a day, and to make services less expensive, intraocular lenses are produced at Tilganga.[more]

April 2009

Himalayan Times reports on Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology opening, attended by ‎the Prime Minister Dahal & U.S. Ambassador Powell

Event was attended by Prime Minister Pushpa K. Dahal, U.S. Ambassador to Nepal Nancy J. Powell, and Australian Ambassador to Nepal Susan Grace.[more]

April 2009

Nepal's The Republica praises Tilganga's impact, reports on partnership between HCP and other organizations to create new institute

The new six-story expansion was built in partnership with organizations that include Himalayan Cataract Project, USAID and Fred Hollows Foundation.[more]

April 2009

Burlington Free Press

Vermont's Burlington Free Press shared the news of the Himalayan Cataract Project's fourth consecutive four-star rating by Charity Navigator.[more]

March 2009

Ocular Surgery News SuperSite

Staffing and training are needed to reduce Africa's cataract caseload.[more]

July 2008

Real Simple magazine

HCP is named one of “10 Fast-Growing Charities.”[more]

May 2008

Ophthalmology Management magazine

Ophthalmology Management magazine describes humanitarian eye care work in Africa conducted by Alan Crandall, M.D., Robert Hoffman, M.D., and Geoff Tabin, M.D, of HCP. [more]

March 2008

Share International magazine

An interview of Dr. Geoff Tabin offers a snapshot of blindness in the developing world and HCP's contributions toward eradication.[more]

March 2008

Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today

Treating corneal blindness in China with new technologies and outreach efforts. [more]

January 2008

Rock and Ice

An American Alpine Club presentation about climbing mountains and curing blindness by Dr. Geoff Tabin was featured by this climbing magazine.[more]

November 2007

“Charlie Rose” on PBS

Dr. Geoff Tabin was mentioned in a show that included the editor of TIME, Caroline Kennedy and the Earth Institute's Dr. Jeffrey Sachs.[more]

September 2007

TIME magazine

TIME magazine wrote about HCP and co-director Dr. Geoff Tabin in its article called “A Global Coalition of Good” September 2007[more]

September 2007

Ocular Surgery News India Edition

Phacoemulsification procedures are becoming more popular in India, but manual procedures maintain a large role in cataract surgery, according to doctors at the Aravind Eye Hospitals.[more]

September 2007

Continuum: The Magazine of the University of Utah

"Ophthalmologist Geoffrey Tabin has bagged the world’s highest peaks, but that’s nothing compared to his day job: miracle worker," reports an article called “The Visionary”  Spring 2007[more]

April 2007

National Geographic Explorer Television

“Inside North Korea” with host Lisa Ling. Excerpt from TV show that follows HCP's Dr. Sanduk Ruit into North Korea on a mission to perform 1,000 cataract surgeries on the poor. March 2007[more]

March 2007

Reader’s Digest

Dr. Sanduk Ruit is honored in RD's “Miracles by the Thousands: Asian of the Year 2007”[PDF] January 2007[more]

January 2007

Cataract and Refactive Surgery Today Europe

Blindness in North Africa: A look at the Nadi Al Bassar System and an overview of the state of ocular health in North Africa. [more]

June 2006

Ophthalmology Management's "Giving Back: Bringing Eye Care to the Third World"

Ophthalmology Management magazine highlights Dr. Geoff Tabin and HCP "as a model for an international effort to provide professional eye care to additional third-world countries."[more]

February 2006

Reader's Digest

Reader's Digest ventured "deep into North Korea with pioneering eye surgeon Dr. Sanduk Ruit as he teaches local doctors his technique for 'Opening Eyes'” January 2006[more]

January 2006

Outside magazine

Outside magazine featured HCP's challenging work in Nepal in “The Light of Seven Mountain Suns” December 2005[more]

December 2005

USAid Frontlines

"Eye Surgeons Cure Nepalis’ Cataracts” December 2004[more]

December 2004


“Vision 2020: Eliminating Preventable Blindness in Developing World” February 2004[more]

February 2004

BBC News

“Nepal's Unique Eye Care Centre” October 2003[more]

October 2003

Seven Days (Vermont)

"Blind Faith" September 2003[more]

September 2003

Burlington (Vermont) Free Press

 “Sight to the Blind” September 2003[more]

September 2003

National Geographic Explorer Television

“Miracle Doctors” Lisa Ling and her crew follow the HCP team into the mountains of Nepal. September 2003[more]

September 2003

Doctor’s Review (Canada)

“Sight for Sore Eyes” October 2002[more]

October 2002

Eye World

“Physicians, Patients in the Himalayan Mountains Get American Help” February 2002[more]

February 2002

Western Journal of Medicine

“Dr. Sanduk Ruit and Corneal Transplant in Nepal” January 2002[more]

January 2002

National Geographic

“An Eye on Two Worlds” November 2000[more]

November 2000