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April 30, 2012

The Refractive Surgery Unit in Nepal is officially open

Refractive Surgery Unit inauguration event.

Refractive Surgery Unit inauguration event.

On April 7th, the Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology officially inaugurated its new Refractive Surgery Unit offering affordable new laser technology to treat patients with refractive error. The unit is off to a good start with seven surgeries per day booked for over two months. Dr. Sanduk Ruit, HCP Co-Director and Tilganga’s Medical Director hopes that the new Unit will attract patients from India, Tibet, Bhutan, and the Middle East. HCP Advisory Board Member Dr. Dan Reinstein was also in attendance representing the London Vision Clinic Foundation, a London-based foundation that partnered with HCP on the project and generously provided the lasers.

Read more about Humanitarian Laser in the local Nepali papers: Kathmandu Post &Republica [PDF, 2Mb].

In the photo above, Mrs. Krishna Tamarkar, Master of Ceremonies, addresses the crowd. HCP Co-Director Dr. Tabin and Tilganga’s Dr. Kishore are in the background. Seated in the first row (left to right): Dr. Dan Reinstein (London Vision Clinic Foundation); Ms. Sanda Steimer, Director, USAID; Mr. Shurid Ghimire, Chairman, Nepal Eye Program; Ms. Susan Grace, the Australian Ambassador.

HCP Co-Director Dr. Geoff Tabin attended the RSU Opening, thanking USAID/ASHA for its support developing the renovations to the old building to accommodate the new state of the art facility. Prior to the Opening, Dr. Tabin spent a week teaching corneal and cataract surgery in the Far West Region of Nepal at Geta Eye Hospital alongside HCP Partner Dr. Bidhya Pant, Geta’s Medical Director. Geta Eye Hospital is one of the highest volume cataract surgery centers in the Far West Region and neighboring Northern India, providing more than 30,000 surgeries annually. Remote villages of the hilly districts are quite far away, and it takes one to five days to walk from the nearest road. During his stay at Geta, Dr. Tabin performed more than 100 cataract operations in one day — a new personal best.