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May 14, 2012

International article features Dr. Sanduk Ruit

A news article by Reuters shines a spotlight on the work of HCP Co-Director Dr. Sanduk Ruit. The article has been making the rounds in media such as the Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun,, Fox News, Reuters UK and The Straits Times.

The article, “Nepal's ‘magic’ surgeon brings light back to poor,” describes how Dr. Ruit has “developed a simple surgical technique involving little equipment and instruments that can be used manually. No stitches are needed, and the technique can be used on a simple table in field camps.”

“Low cost acrylic lenses — called intraocular lenses — are produced at the center's laboratory by workers wearing bio-safe masks, helping bring the cost down to $4 per lens from more than $100 apiece for the imported kind used previously.”

In the feature story, Dr. Ruit recalled how he was moved by a woman who had given birth to a baby boy when she was blind, but saw her son for the first time when he was 4 years old after surgery in a field camp in eastern Nepal. “She looked at the child for a few moments, then jumped to grab him, wept tears of joy and began kissing him,” Ruit said, eyes glinting with emotion. “I was totally moved by the expression of her face. This is the power of such a simple surgical intervention.”

Read the full Reuters article online here.