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June 11, 2012

HCP Board Members deliver inaugural Global Sight Alliance Webinar

On May 30, Drs. Geoff Tabin and Matt Oliva of HCP led a webinar through the Global Sight Alliance titled, “Performing, Teaching, and Expanding Access to high volume, high quality cataract surgery in sub-Saharan Africa.” Drs. Tabin and Oliva shared their recent experience at the high-volume cataract program in northern Ethiopia and addressed the myriad ways in which needless blindness negatively affects the overall health of the individual, family, and community in the developing world. 

You can watch the webinar online at the Global Sight Alliance website.

As part of the webinar, a video was shown of a recent high-volume cataract surgery event in Ethiopia. More on that event, and a link to the video, can be found here. The video footage was shot by Eric Perlman.