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Newsletter Archive

September 2014 Newsletter

Sight Restoration in Mountainous India; Nepal Sustainability & Innovation; Residency Exchange Program Launches in Ghana; Ethiopia Sub-Specialty Mentorship; HCP Co-Founders Honored for Global Health Initiatives; Sub-Specialty Clinic in Rural Nepal; Grateful Patient in Bhutan; Dr. Geoff Tabin at TEDx; and more

September 2014

August 2014 Newsletter

Enhancing Eye Care in Myanmar; High-Volume Cataract Care: Quiha Zonal Hospital, Ethiopia; Subspecialty Training for Myanmar Ophthalmologists; Pedaling with Purpose; and more.

August 2014

July 2014 Newsletter

International Outreach Spotlight: Restoring Sight in Ethiopia; Postcards form the Field; Eye Care for Prisoners in Southern Nepal; Training Eye Care Staff Worldwide; Tackling Glaucoma in Ghana; Infrastructure Work in Nepal, Ghana and Bhutan; Al Jazeera 101 East’s Documentary; One Girl - One Global Fundraising Project and more [more]

July 2014

June 2014 Newsletter

International training in Nepal; Nigerian doctor on glaucoma fellowship; Building capacity in Ethiopia; Tilganga manager trains in US; Patient Story: Total darkness to entrepreneur after a 6-minute surgery; Enhancing eye care in Indonesia; Improving retina service in Nepal; HCP International Fellow in Tanzania; Dr. Hugh Taylor named President of ICO; New development manager at HCP; and more!

June 2014

May 2014 Newsletter

Enhancing sub-specialty capacity in Ethiopia; Clinical collaboration in Ghana; Bhutan program highlighted in Forbes; Ophthalmology training updates; Dr. Tabin awarded a Presidential Endowed Chair in Ophthalmology; Dr. Olson receives Rosenblatt Prize for Excellence; Dr. Oliva to receive humanitarian award; HCP is Classy Awards Finalist; Two innovative fundraisers; Brown U. profiles Dr. Tabin & more

May 2014

April 2014 Newsletter

Reaching into Upper Mustang; Phaplu Community Eye Center cataract event; 1,200 surgeries in Uttar Pradesh; Cornea and pediatric observerships in US; Ongoing mentorship in Bhutan; New USAID-supported projects in Burma and Nepal; Dr. Matt Oliva in UW magazine; Dr. Geoff Tabin on NOVA website; Dr. Sanduk Ruit and Tilganga receive special recognition; HCP partners on Capitol Hill; New HCP staff member

April 2014

March 2014 Newsletter

Collaboration & care in southern Ethiopia; Ongoing cornea mentorship, and residency training and new program opportunities; KATH outreach and HCP International Fellow in Ghana; Hetauda, Nepal, outreach; Award for Nepal Eye Bank; Sanduk Ruit receives award for social entrepreneurship; Geoff Tabin featured on NOVA’s “Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers”; CLASSY Awards; Events

March 2014

February 2014 Newsletter

KATH Eye Center Inauguration: A milestone for eye care in Ghana; Ophthalmology meeting at KATH; Cataract & cornea workshop to kick off new eye center’s opening; Southwest Ethiopia’s 1st corneal transplant; Consistent care at Hetauda in Nepal; Sub-specialty training & HCP site visit in Nepal; Tilganga to expand reach with help from Standard Chartered Bank

February 2014

January 2014 Newsletter

Reducing the backlog of cataract blindness in Ethiopia: Woldiya, Mekelle and Harar; First day of surgery at new KATH Eye Center in Ghana; KATH inauguration set for February 21; Micro surgical eye camp in Nepal

January 2014

December 2013 Newsletter

Eye care in southern Ethiopia; Ethiopian training summary; Eye care in a converted schoolhouse in Nepal; A Rwandan Profile in Courage by Dr. David Chang; HCP receives a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator; HCP in Seattle

December 2013

November 2013 Newsletter

High-volume event in India featured on British ITV News; Eye care in West Bengal; Dr. Tabin in Nepal for outreach event; Hetauda celebrates 5th anniversary; Phaplu construction; Two Ethiopian ophthalmologists in US for sub-specialty fellowships; Dr. Abora of Ethiopia in Nepal; Bhutanese ophthalmologists in Nepal; HCP to present at Town Hall Seattle; Tribute to David Relin; HCP at AAO & more.

November 2013

October 2013 Newsletter

HCP on ABC News – Twice!; Tilganga launches new program in Myanmar; World Sight Day in Nepal; HCP partner in Ethiopia recognized for improving eye care; October progress in Ghana; Cornea fellowships for Ethiopians; and HCP event in Palo Alto, California.

October 2013

September 2013 Newsletter

Tilganga in Nepal receives highest award for vision: Champalimaud; Hetauda Community Eye Hospital expands reach; Nepal's largest off-grid solar project at Tilganga; Program in Ladakh, India, provides 180+ cataract surgeries; HCP/Moran Fellow visits HCP partners in Ethiopia; Cataract care in Uganda; HCP in the News: ABC News, The Telegraph, Examiner, Nepali Times, CBS News; and Second Suns offer

September 2013

August 2013 Newsletter

Ethiopia: ASCRS Foundation Partnership; High-volume cataract workshop at Quiha; Training at Gondar; Equipment technician returns to Ethiopia; Cataract Workshop at Arbaminch; Dr. Geoff Tabin keynotes at COECSA; Uganda Cornea Care; Nepal: Ethiopian doctor gets phaco training; HCP Fellow in western Nepal; Diabetic Retinopathy Program; The Economist; Outside Magazine; Adrienne Graves at WIO meeting

August 2013

July 2013 Newsletter

National Uveitis Conference in Nepal; Nepal's largest solar installation is at Tilganga; Nepal Eye Bank milestones; Progress at eye center in Ghana; National Eye Bank of Ethiopia; Quiha cataract surgeon honored; Utah preschool raises $120 for HCP; Media attention for HCP, its doctors, and the new book Second Suns!

July 2013

June 2013 Newsletter

Incredible press coverage for HCP around the June 18th release of “Second Suns”; New Eye Center at KATH opens its doors; Solar installation at Tilganga nears completion; Construction progresses at the Phaplu Community Eye Center; HCP Procurement prepares for upcoming work in Ethiopia; Training at Tilganga; Night for Sight; Exclusive excerpts & reviews of “Second Suns”

June 2013

May 2013 Newsletter

Life-changing eye clinic in Bhutan; Mega Cataract Workshop in Indonesia; Progress in Ghana; Ethiopia research follow-up off; Documentary about South Sudan wins awards; Outside Magazine gives “Second Suns” a rave review; Tilganga lenses highlighted in Ophthalmology; Thank you to Professor Hugh Taylor; High school student raises funds for HCP; Surgical manual available on iTunes; and more!

May 2013

April 2013 Newsletter

Outreach in Nepal provides 335 cataract surgeries; 1,014 cataract surgeries in India; Ethiopian partner receives phaco training; Ghanaian ophthalmologist finishes glaucoma observership; Ethiopian ophthalmologist arrives in U.S. for clinical exchange; HCP Co-Founder Dr. Sanduk Ruit travels to Myanmar; HCP’s Ethiopia Program and ASCRS; National Geographic blog; Inside an outreach clinic; and more!

April 2013

March 2013 Newsletter

HCP's largest cataract campaign—over 1,300 surgeries in 11 days in Ethiopia; Running event raises awareness for eye care; New agreement with Quiha Zonal Hospital; Partnership with WGGA Specialized Vision Clinic; Successful outreach in Nepal; Ethiopian & Ghanaian ophthalmologists to attend ASCRS; Ghanaian completes training in Nepal; Random House book about HCP co-founders due in June; and more

March 2013

February 2013 Newsletter

High-volume cataract events in Ethiopia; Accelerate Ethiopia event; Ghanaian and Ethiopian ophthalmologists' US training; Adrienne Graves joins HCP Board of Directors; HCP joins InterAction; Charity Navigator awards 4 stars to HCP; High school students raise funds; Presentations from Drs. Sanduk Ruit & Matt Oliva now online; Informational Series: Basics of Cataracts

February 2013

January 2013 Newsletter

Outreach in Ethiopia; High-volume cataract workshop in Nepal; USAID ASHA visits Tilganga; Groundbreaking for expanded eye center in Nepal; Ethiopian trainees complete SICS training; Ethiopian and Ghanaian engineers do technical training; Bascom Palmer resident in Ethiopia; HCP Fellow in Nepal; Dr. Ruit earns award; Dr. Tabin visits Bascom Palmer Eye Institute; Dr. Taylor publishes academic paper

January 2013

December 2012 Newsletter

Thank you from HCP! High-volume cataract workshop in Ethiopia; First retina surgeries in Bhutan; Partners from Moran Eye Center return to South Sudan; Cataract care in Hetauda, Nepal; Pediatric ophthalmology training in Nepal and Bhutan; Indonesian pediatric ophthalmologist completes her training; Ghanaian newspaper feature on KATH; HCP featured in Image magazine; In memoriam, Maria Bujak

December 2012

November 2012 Newsletter

Cataract workshop in India for 1,000; Tilganga’s Refractive Surgery Unit exceeds 600 surgeries; Ethiopian ophthalmologist begins corneal fellowship; Indonesian pediatric ophthalmologist arrives at Tilganga for training; Hetauda Hospital welcomes new Chief; Dr. Sanduk Ruit’s highlighted by Associated Press; Multimedia article featuring Dr. Ruit in The Global Mail; HCP at AAO Meeting & more

November 2012

October 2012 Newsletter

High-Volume Eye Camps in Nepal with Co-Directors (at Hetauda & Phaplu); Affiliated Ophthalmologist and Trainees in Ethiopia; Ethiopian Doctor Trains at U. Nebraska; USAID Support for Renewable Energy Project; Geoff Tabin in The Hindu; Jewish Family Services Tribute Dinner; Lifelong Vision Award; Dr. Sanduk Ruit in Vairochana; Dr. Matt Oliva Speaks in Nebraska; Development Manager, Charlie Clement

October 2012

September 2012 Newsletter

U.S. Ophthalmologist Trains in Nepal; Nepalese Subspecialty Training in Utah & London; Ethiopian Ophthalmic Tech Training; Ghanaian Nurse Receives Pediatric Ophthalmology Certificate; Cataract & Cornea Care in Bhutan; Cataract Workshop at Hetauda; Tilganga Site Visit by HCP Staff; IAPB Meeting; HCP Board Member Article on Corneal Blindness; 2011 Annual Report; Accelerate Ethiopia and Scott Jurek

September 2012

August 2012 Newsletter

High-volume cataract intervention in Ghana; Outreach Microsurgical Eye Clinic in Nepal; Refractive surgery in Nepal exceeds expectations; Ophthalmology resident in Ethiopia; U.S. ophthalmologist arrives in Nepal; Volunteer ophthalmologist teaches Phaco in Kenya; In memory of Dr. Julius Tabin; Outside Magazine features Accelerate Ethiopia

August 2012

July 2012 Newsletter

HCP-Supported Training: Ethiopian ophthalmologist completes Fellowship, Ghanaian nurse receives pediatric training, Ophthalmic tech from Ethiopia goes to Nepal; News article features Drs. Ruit & Tabin; Tabin speaks on sustainability in eye care; New paper by Affiliated Ophthalmologist; Runners wanted for Ethiopian trail race; HCP launches Twitter page; Supporter visits Tilganga; Young fundraisers

July 2012

June 2012 Newsletter

Follow-up outreach event in Meket, Ethiopia; HCP seeks runners for Ethiopia’s first trail ½ marathon; HCP represented at NGO forum in Ethiopia; KATH site visit; Affiliated Ophthalmologist goes to Ghana; KATH nurse in India for pediatric training; Dolakha eye center renovations complete; Tilganga residents train at Geisinger; HCP's new Facebook page; HCP Affiliated Ophthalmologist interviewed.

June 2012

May 2012 Newsletter

1100+ cataract surgeries in Ethiopia; Cornea Training & Eye Banking; KATH Res. Director lectures at Ophthalmology Society; Clinical collaboration & training and construction in Ghana; New ophthalmologist at Hetauda; Eye camp in Nepal; High-volume outreach in India; Reuters news article features Dr. Sanduk Ruit; Board Members deliver webinar; Dr. Ruit attends Congress at the Vatican

May 2012

April 2012 Newsletter

Co-Director Dr. Geoff Tabin in Nepal for Refractive Surgery Unit Opening at the Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology and visit to Geta Hospital; Sub-specialty training & equipment in Bhutan; Major surgical intervention & research in Ethiopia; New Eye Center in Ghana; Dr. Ruit receives award at APAO in South Korea; Dr. Tabin on CNN; Documentary project on corneal blindness; HCP represented at ASCRS

April 2012

March 2012 Newsletter

Co-Director Dr. Sanduk Ruit delivers keynote address at “Night for Sight”; HCP board meeting; Co-Director Dr. Geoff Tabin delivers keynote at Utah’s Center for Global Surgery; HCP hosts administrators from Ghana and Nepal for USAID/ASHA workshop and management exchange; Tilganga Refractive Surgery Unit implements telemedicine program; Upcoming events in Nepal, Ethiopia and Ghana

March 2012

February 2012 Newsletter

Programmatic Efforts in Ethiopia; Government pledges support for eyebanking; Two high-volume cataract workshops; HCP recognized by Millennium Cities Initiative; Progress in Ghana; Residency and outreach; Inauguration of KATH’s new eye center on May 13; HCP volunteer ophthalmologist speaks at fundraiser; Tanzania Millennium Village follow-up; TIO Refractive Surgery Unit opening slated for April 7

February 2012

January 2012 Newsletter

Refractive Surgery Unit opens in Nepal; Eye banking and outreach in Nepal; Faculty exchanges in Ethiopia; Dr. Paul Jorizzo visits Quiha Zonal Hospital and Gondar University; Drs. Huck Holz and Jason Dimming collaborate with Dr. Yewubnesh at Arbaminch; Eye care in Rwanda; HCP Partner featured in California newspaper; HCP in the spotlight on

January 2012

December 2011 Newsletter

Eye care in South Sudan; Dr. Tabin speaks at “The World in 2012 Gala Dinner” in Hong Kong; HCP visits partner in Ghana; HCP Procurement works with FHF programs in Laos; Donor stories

December 2011

November 2011 Newsletter

New HCP Procurement Program; Progress in Bhutan; Dr. Tabin speaks at West Bengal Conference; In the News in the The Himalayan Times, Nepali Times, Jakarta Globe and NPR; 501 sight-restoring surgeries in India; HCP partner in Ghana provides care in remote area; Refractive Surgery Unit renovations at Tilganga near completion; Social entrepreneur supports HCP; Give the Gift of Sight for the holidays

November 2011

October 2011 Newsletter

AAO and HCP annual meetings held in October; HCP Medical Advisory Board meeting; Joint international reception at AAO; HCP partner ophthalmologists; Panelists for the AAO 2011 International Forum; Eye banking for Ethiopia; World Sight Day celebrated in Nepal with new community eye center in Makawanpur; and a HCP event in Maine

October 2011

September 2011 Newsletter

Dr. Geoff Tabin speaks at Clinton Global Initiative event; USAID support in Nepal; HCP and Tilganga host USAID inspectors; Tilganga’s Refractive Surgery Unit renovations over 60% complete; Solar and medical waste solutions for Tilganga; Job Heintz attends IAPB meetings in Dubai; Geoff Tabin delivers keynote at inaugural event for UNMC’s International Division; Young donors raise $210 for HCP

September 2011

August 2011 Newsletter

Sight restoration in Tanzania; Jakarta Post features Dr. Sanduk Ruit’s work in Indonesia; HCP International Fellow provides sight in Kenya; Ethiopian ophthalmologist receives SICS training at Tilganga; San Francisco Marathon runners raise over $11,000 for HCP; Board members speak at international ophthalmology symposium; Dr. Tabin featured in video from Aspen’s Plum TV

August 2011

July 2011 Newsletter

Inauguration of new facility at Quiha Zonal Hospital in Ethiopia; New wing to eye hospital in India; Construction begins & lasers arrive for Refractive Surgery Unit in Nepal; KATH receives ophthalmic equipment; Partners in Trinidad plan new facility; HCP provides ongoing training in Kenya; Tilganga Pediatric Ophthalmologists receive training; KATH grant for Residency Program; And more

August 2011

June 2011 Newsletter

Ethiopian Doctor attends SICS training in Nepal; Landcruiser & eight pallets of ophthalmic equipment arrive at Quiha Zonal Hospital; HCP volunteer trains ophthalmic technician; HCP visiting faculty in Ghana; HCP prepares for 8th Millennium Villages Project in Tanzania; Co-Director Dr. Ruit in Indonesia; and San Francisco Marathon event.

June 2011

May 2011 Newsletter

High-volume care in Ethiopia, including two high-volume cataract workshops and oculoplastic workshop; KATH doctor attends pediatric conference; San Francisco Marathon rapidly approaching; and HCP Co-Director Dr. Geoff Tabin’s speaking events: University of Southern California, University of Utah’s School of Medicine Commencement, and MountainFilm in Telluride

May 2011

April 2011 Newsletter

Charity Navigator rates HCP among “10 Consistently Excellent Charities”; HCP Co-Directors Drs. Tabin & Ruit at cataract workshop in Nepal; Boeing partners with HCP to deliver ophthalmic equipment to Ethiopia; Donation valued at $137,000 from Santen; Dr. Ruit interviewed on ABC Radio Australia; Dr. Tabin gives keynote at global health conference; KATH administrator attends management training.

April 2011

March 2011 Newsletter

Cataract workshops in Mangarh, India; Hetauda organizes new screening camps; HCP represented at Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology Congress; Co-Director Dr. Geoff Tabin receives award from his alma mater; HCP partner SightLife featured on NPR; Upcoming HCP events

March 2011

February 2011 Newsletter

High-volume cataract workshop in Ethiopia; Board Member Dr. Litwin in India and eye banking; Microscopes for Nepalese eye hospitals; BBC documentary features HCP; Ghana construction progress; HCP and medical diplomacy; WHO releases new blindness data; “Night for African Sight” fundraiser; Dr. Tabin speaks at fundraiser in Santa Monica; Event at University of Vermont; The San Francisco Marathon

February 2011

January 2011 Newsletter

HCP profiled in Eye World magazine; Co-founder Dr. Tabin travels to Tanzania; International Fellow Dr. Bujak arrives in Ghana; “Night for African Sight” Fundraiser on February 26; HCP Fellow Dr. Rai arrives at Tilganga; Tilganga Resident training in Utah; Cataract Surgical Eye Camp in Lhasa; San Fran Marathon team; Researcher climbs Kilimanjaro, raises money for HCP; Medical tourism at Tilganga

January 2011

December 2010 Newsletter

Co-Director Dr. Sanduk Ruit featured in Al Jazeera video; “Out of the Darkness” – Independent film highlights HCP; HCP Volunteer Dr. Lance Bergstrom provides support in Kenya; High-volume cataract program in Nigeria; Outreach workshop in Ghana; Ethiopian fellow receives training at Tilganga; Tilganga doctors receive specialized Refractive Training; Millennium Villages Blog update mentions HCP

December 2010

November 2010 Newsletter

Pediatric workshop in Nepal; HCP Board Member Dr. Matt Oliva collaborates with National Geographic Poland; Dr. Tabin in Arkansas for an International Eye Conference; Microbiologist from Bascom Palmer visits Tilganga; Diabetic Retinopathy Education Program in Hetauda; New solutions for cataract blindness?; KATH Surgical Facility construction update; Give the Gift of Sight for the holidays

November 2010

October 2010 Newsletter

HCP receives new USAID grant agreement for TIO; HCP partners with SightLife and Tilganga to support Eye Banking in Nepal; HCP signs 3rd Partnership Agreement with Royal Government of Bhutan; HCP Fellows arrive from Ghana and Bhutan; Drs. Tabin and Chang perform Live Surgery in China; Annual Meeting & HCP receptions in Chicago; Dr. Sanduk Ruit featured in Ocular Surgery News

October 2010

September 2010 Newsletter

2009 Annual Report available online; Strong HCP representation at APAO 25th annual conference in Beijing; Reaching the unreachable in Bhutan; Cornea Fellow arrives from Nepal; Awareness workshops, outreach activities in Hetauda, Nepal; Advisory Board member returns from Afghanistan; Ghana outreach and construction update; HCP at launch of London Vision Clinic Found.; HCP at Vision 2020 USA

September 2010

August 2010 Newsletter

Research on impact of sight restoration in Malawi; Sod-cutting ceremony in Ghana; Inauguration of Eye Centre in Xining, China; TIO’s Nabin Rai visits with Himalayan Cataract Project in Utah and Boston; Dr. Tabin featured in an "Adventure Philanthropy" article; HCP’s second International Fellow, Dr. Matthew Bujack, arrives in Nepal

August 2010