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It is not just restoration of sight; it's restoration of a human life. A woman in Kalimpong, India, gives thanks as her sight returns.

The Himalayan Cataract Project Brings World-Class Eye Care to the Blind

At the core of HCP’s work is its goal to achieve high-quality, low-cost eye care that can be sustained in the developing world for the long-term. HCP focuses on several key areas that form the foundation of all that it does:

  • Development of Long Term Local Capacity through Skill Transfer. HCP trains local eye care teams with methodologies optimized for the developing world.  All training and education hinges on maximizing the capacity of eye care staff at all levels. This allows for the expansion of efficient eye care delivery, an increased number of patients treated, and an increased number of trained eye care specialists who can then train future eye care providers.
  • The Building of Eye Care Facilities & Infrastructure: scaled to local needs to ensure sustainable eye care is in place for the long-term.

Special Features That Make HCP Unique

Villagers in Bonsaaso, Ghana, await eye care.