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Tilganga Eye Centre Expansion

High-quality surgical care is achieved at Tilganga at a fraction of the cost of care in the West.

In 2008, construction on the newly expanded Tilganga Centre culminated giving way to a new facility to compliment its existing building and accommodate its exponential growth. Since 1994, a dramatic increase in demand for eye services has necessitated that the Tilganga facility accommodate 2,500 outpatients with the capacity to perform 175 surgeries each week.

View a progress report and pictures of the new facility [1.3Mb PDF]

The expansion of the Tilganga Eye Centre transforms it from an outpatient cataract surgery center to a full-scale, comprehensive eye surgery center. Aside from broadening the quality of eye care services offered the center allows for:

  • the diagnosis and treatment in all areas of ocular pathology
  • addresses the pressing need for inpatient facilities
  • acts as a referral facility for complex cases throughout the Himalayan region
  • provides expansion for an American standard ophthalmology residency program
  • offers more optimal space for ongoing research