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A Typical Scene From the Field

Outreach Microsurgical Eye Clinic or “Eye Camp”

Excerpt from "And the Blind Shall See," by Dr. Geoff Tabin

Rumors of this camp began circulating in the Golog County several months ago.  Hundreds of elderly Tibetans and their families have gathered around the hospital. Their gazes combine a mixture of hope and doubt. No one has ever been cured of blindness here before.

The hospital has a sickly smell of many such Third World facilities. A welcoming committee of flies buzzes in every room. There is no heat. The power is out.

As the portable microscopes, generator, and other supplies are unloaded, Dr. Ruit looks across the barren dirt courtyard of the hospital and gives me a broad smile. Pointing at the blind crowd, he excitedly explains that everything is perfect: "This is where the people need us.”

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