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Education & Training

Underlying the varied work carried out by HCP and Tilganga is their belief that a sustainable health care system must function effectively over the long-term with minimal external involvement. Thus, sustainable eye care requires local staffing of ophthalmologists, eye care workers and administrators and necessitates ensuring top rate training and education at all levels. A core feature of HCP’s training is to maximize the ability of mid-level eye care workers (largely ophthalmic assistants) to deliver eye care more efficiently.

Working closely with a variety of partners, HCP supports a full range of ophthalmic education – from the traditional rigorous training of surgeons to the intensive training of field workers that includes nurses, field staff and community leaders.

Recent Training Highlights

Dr. Aye Chan, a cornea fellow from Myanmar.
Dr. Olusegun Olaniyi of Nigeria with his mentor Dr. Suman.
Dr. Alemu Kerie from Ethiopia in the retina clinic.
Dr. Wossen Mulugeta Zewdu from Ethiopia, at left.
Biomedical trainee San San Lwin from Myanmar.

SLIDESHOW: The Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology, HCP’s flagship training facility in Kathmandu, Nepal, provides specialized training to hundreds of trainees each year.

Spotlight on Drs. Zewdu and Kerie from Ethiopia

On the left, Dr. Alemu Kerie, with Dr. Paul Bernstein. Dr. Wossen Mulugeta Zewdu, above, with Dr. Matt Oliva.

Dr. Alemu Kerie from Ethiopia was recently with HCP Affiliated Ophthalmologist Dr. Paul Bernstein for a two-month retina observorship at the John A. Moran Eye Center in Utah. 

In general, I was highly impressed by working culture among attending faculties, fellows and residents, and their outstanding clinical and research works. It was a great opportunity to broaden my knowledge on how to evaluate and treat a wide variety of case scenarios. And upon coming home, I will share this experience to my colleagues such that we will work to develop best centers where we can offer comprehensive services to our patients with vitreous and retina disorders.” —Dr. Alemu Kerie

Dr. Wossen Mulugeta Zewdu, from the Gondar University Hospital in Ethiopia, recently completed her three-month cornea observership in the US where she worked with over seven HCP affiliated ophthalmologists at their home institutions in Washington, California, Oregon, Utah and Pennsylvania.

“The fellowship helped me get a detailed knowledge and experience on the on how to diagnose and treat cataract, cornea and external eye disease, refractive errors. It introduced me to newer technologies, which helps to diagnose and treat cataract, cornea and external eye disease, refractive errors.” —Dr. Wossen Mulugeta Zewdu

Both doctors have continued on to the Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology for hands-on training in 2014.

Trainee Profiles

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