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An eye screening under a shady tree in Ethiopia.

Expanding into regions where no eye care
previously existed…

HCP is currently working throughout the Himalayas and in regions of Sub-Saharan Africa.

The roots of the Himalayan Cataract Project (HCP) are based in the Himalayas, a vast region defined by the world’s highest mountains that run through Afghanistan, Bhutan, China/Tibet, India, Nepal and Pakistan.

In these mountains exists a high prevalence of cataract blindness — the highest reported rates found in the world. Why? The possible theories are many: genetic predisposition, high altitude, sunlight, diet, a combination of these, or other factors. The Tilganga Eye Centre, HCP’s partner organization is well situated in Kathmandu, Nepal, to tackle the huge task of blindness alleviation in this region.

Video: A young life renewed through surgery in Rwanda
Video: A young life renewed through surgery in Rwanda. Ace Kvale photo.

The global distribution of visual impairment shows that 90% of the blind live in the developing world. HCP and Tilganga are tackling this inequity and the existing lack of access to eye care services through an affordable, replicable eye care model that is being copied throughout the developing world.

Distribution of blindness worldwide

Based on a combination of training, education and skill transfer, HCP and Tilganga’s model of efficient hospital based care is modified to provide the same high quality eye care through a variety of outreach services in rural areas.

HCP's Reach: Eye Care in the Himalayas and Sub-Saharan Africa
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Help reach a blind person in a remote area where local eye care teams travel to reach the impoverished blind.

Eye Care in Ethiopia: HCP coordinates eye care camps and brings change to the lives of villagers in Ethiopia.

Far-Reaching Impact

Together with our partners, in 2013 HCP contributed to the examination and treatment of more than 670,000 patients and provided 60,017 surgeries.