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Cataract Surgery Video

Sutureless Small Incision Cataract Surgery (SICS), non-phaco

Watch a four-minute video clip to see how extracapsular cataract eye surgery with IOL placement is performed. This surgery was conducted by Himalayan Cataract Project Co-Founder Dr. Sanduk Ruit at the Tilganga Eye Centre, Nepal.

Cataract surgery is relatively simple once a medical professional is trained and has the proper tools with which to work. The Himalayan Cataract Project typically performs and teaches small incision sutureless cataract surgery (SICS). This is the technique that is the basis of all field training – at remote eye care camps, primary eye care centers and at the Tilganga Eye Centre. SICS surgery provides similar outstanding visual results as phacoemulsification surgery, but allows eye doctors to serve restore sight for under $25 per eye.

For years, the most sophisticated cataract surgery in the developing world consisted of intracapsular cataract extraction where the entire lens and capsule is removed from the eye and the patient must wear thick, crude eyeglasses for visual restoration. Unfortunately, these glasses give excessive amounts of distortion. In addition, there were few facilities for accurate refraction. Moreover, once a person loses, scratches, or breaks their thick glasses, they are again as blind as before the surgery. In fact, in Nepal, the second leading cause of blindness is aphakia. Over the last decade HCP has trained providers previously performing intracapsular cataract surgery in the improved SICS techniques.