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The story of co-founders Drs. Geoff Tabin and Sanduk Ruit, and their revolutionary, low-cost, 10-minute procedure caught the attention of 60 Minutes, the prestigious CBS television news magazine. The eye surgeons started the Himalayan Cataract Project to eradicate as much unnecessary blindness as possible, and so far, together with partners have screened and treated over 7.3 million people, provided more than 625,000 sight-restoring surgeries and trained hundreds of other doctors.

Program host Bill Whitaker and a team of filmmakers caught up with Ruit and Tabin in Myanmar, while the surgeons were leading a cataract and cornea workshop for 30 local ophthalmologists. The workshop resulted in 700 sight-restoring surgeries, including corneal transplants, all completed in just a few days. The program will be re-aired this Sunday, July 16th on CBS affiliates at 7 p.m. EDT, original broadcast, April 16. Consult your local listings or visit www.cbsnews.com/60-minutes for details. 

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Photos by Michael Amendolia and Eric Kerchner

I believe this is probably the best you can do to humankind. It's so cost effective and it gives so much. So much power, so much change in the life of people.

– Dr. Sanduk Ruit, Co-Founder