2018 HCP Mid-Year Review

Surpassing year-to-date targets in all programmatic activities

With your assistance and together with our partners, we have screened 809,306 individuals and provided 58,204 surgeries in the year to date working in Ethiopia, Ghana, Nepal, India, Bhutan and Myanmar.

Please enjoy our programmatic highlights to date:

Direct Service

HCP's model begins with bringing high-quality care to those who need it most. Of the more than 36 million people worldwide are impacted by unnecessary blindness, more than half are due to cataract – which can be surgically treated. Most individuals who live with needless blindness are in low and middle income countries, where poor nutrition and limited access to eye care can mean a life limited by needless blindness.

From January to July, the number of sight restoring surgeries performed in outreach settings alone totaled 15,631 - over 23% more surgeries compared to 11,930 at this time last year.

Ethiopia: 9,187

Ghana: 2,106

Nepal: 2,953

India: 1,138

Bhutan: 247


The role of training has always been central to the work of the HCP, particularly because we recognize that quality surgery must be the cornerstone of an effort to address cataract blindness and the vast majority of surgery must be performed by trained local personnel.

To-date in 2018, HCP has supported 279 training opportunities compared to 180 at this same time last year. Additionally, we have conducted in-house workshops on miloop, cornea, phaco, vitreoretina, oculoplastics and ICO prep courses. We’ve also supported six hands-on trainings and two U.S. observerships for subspecialty fellowships.


Our mission is to build sustainable eye health care systems that function effectively over the long-term with minimal external involvement. We do this in part through infrastructure investments, which involve supplying local practitioners with what they need to provide high-quality eye care in a range of facilities. This includes providing consumables and equipment for surgery, expanding existing facilities to meet unmet needs and constructing new ones in partnership with local partners.

So far in 2018, we have established five new partner institutions in Ghana and three in Ethiopia. Additionally, both the staff housing infrastructure project at the Hetauda Community Eye Hospital in Nepal and National Eye Hospital of Bhutan are seeing lots of great progress. 

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