Cataract surgical campaign in Merhabete, Ethiopia

Menelik II Hospital outreach team organizes a cataract surgical intervention at Alem Ketmema Enat Hospital in Merhabete, Ethiopia

HCP partner Menelik II organized an outreach cataract surgical campaign in Merhabete, Ethiopia from April 23rd-30th providing 352 cataract surgeries, including service to young children. The surgical team was comprised of campaign organizer and ophthalmologist Dr. Addisu Worku; Dr. Abraham, a cataract surgeon from Woldiya Hospital; two trainee residents; and support staff including three OR nurses, one ophthalmic nurse, one optometrist, team administrators and local hospital staff.

Prior to the start of the campaign, Dr. Addisu, along with CEO Ato Alebachew and Medical Director Dr Tibebu, took to regional and social media to raise awareness, address the purpose of the surgical campaign and introduce HCP as a partner.

Photo: Dr. Abraham, cataract surgeon (the farther surgeon), Dr. Habtamu final year ophthalmic resident (the nearest surgeon), and his assistant Dr. Yohanis a 3rd year resident.