Halma Announces “Gift of Sight” Campaign

New Partnership Promotes Eye Health and Supports HCP’s Work in Ghana

Halma chose World Sight Day (WSD), an international day of awareness that was held on October 11, 2018, to announce the launch of the company’s first ever group-wide campaign, Gift of Sight. The campaign is focused on delivering on Halma’s purpose of growing a safer, cleaner, healthier future for everyone, every day.

The Gift of Sight campaign has two simple goals: 

  • to improve the health of Halma employees
  • to save the sight of people in communities in need around the world

To meet the first goal, Halma will be organizing eye health screenings for employees starting in December at two ophthalmic companies – Volk in the US and Keeler in the UK – to help detect eye conditions like glaucoma and cataract. If successful, the campaign will extend to the remaining Halma companies in 2019. For each employee who gets their eyes screened, Halma will donate to HCP. Employees will have an opportunity to donate directly as well. Halma’s ambition is to test as many employees as possible by the spring and raise upwards of $200,000 for HCP.

To convey the impact of improving the quality of eye care in remote areas Halma partnered with HCP to develop a film at a surgical outreach in western Ghana. The Gift of Sight video on social media was shared among the 6,300+ Halma employees and already viewed over 27,000 times. This initiative coincides with HCP’s support for the National Cataract Outreach Program in Ghana, starting with over 2,000 sight-restoring surgeries in 2018 and 3,000 projected in 2019.

Adam Meyers, Chief Executive of Halma’s medical and environmental sector concluded, “At Halma, we’ve been working to try to tackle the problem of preventable blindness for many years. But we are keen to do more. Each of our businesses are part of a far larger community of healthcare professionals and scientists around the world. Working together, we want to do our bit to ensure that everyone has a right to sight.”

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