HCP Co-Founder, Dr. Sanduk Ruit leads High Volume Outreach in Lumbini, Nepal

Successful Cataract Outreach results in 734 sight-restoring surgeries

The Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology in partnership with the the Royal Thai Monastery in Lumbini, Nepal performed 734 sight-restoring surgeries in just three days, December 4-7. The team was led by HCP Co-Founder, Dr. Sanduk Ruit, and included a dedicated team of doctors, nurses, ophthalmic technicians and volunteers from the Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology as well as Thai colleagues from the Ramathibodi Hospital and Royal College of Ophthalmologists of Thailand.

Patient Story from Lumbini

Meet Ramaehal Kahar, a 35 year-old man from Kamahana, Nepal. Ramaehal was bilaterally blind, with cataracts in both eyes. Three years ago, he began losing his vision, and as a farmer without his sight, he could no longer work. With a family including three young children to support, his blindness was devastating. One year after losing his sight, his wife left him, and his sister and brother in-law moved in to help care for the children and work the farm.

For three years, Ramaehal thought his life would never return to normal, but that all changed after Dr. Ruit performed his surgery. He said he was happy to be able to work and see his children smile when he gets home, adding, “they [his children] will be so happy they no longer have to worry about me.”

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