HCP Co-Founders Named Champions of Change

Drs. Sanduk Ruit and Geoff Tabin named Champions of Change on The Ophthalmologist Magazine’s 2019 Power List

This month, The Ophthalmologist Magazine released its 2019 Power List. Nominees are recognized for being an “individual who has made a significant impact on the field, whether that is through a philanthropic initiative or their ongoing commitment to innovation.” According to their website, there were almost 2,000 nominations - a record for the five-year-old campaign. Nominations were accepted from the public and spanned five categories: Champions for Change, Inventors, Emerging Leaders, Mentors, and Surgical Pioneers.

We are so proud to share with you that the Himalayan Cataract Project Co-Founders, Dr. Sanduk Ruit and Dr. Geoff Tabin topped the list of Champions of Change, which was a new category dedicated to philanthropists, humanitarians and lobbyists pushing for a better tomorrow – for everyone! A special congratulations to all the nominees, who are making significant strides in the world of eye care.

The following is an interview with Drs., Ruit and Tabin featured for this award:

To see The Ophthalmologists Magazine’s entire 2019 Power List please click here

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"Listen and learn from your mentors, always strive to do the best you can, take advantage of opportunities and never ration your passion!"

– HCP Co-Founder, Geoff Tabin