High-Volume Cataract Campaign | Quiha, Ethiopia

​Our hearts are overflowing with joy from the more than 2,300 surgeries that were performed over the course of 12 days in early May in Quiha and Woldia, Ethiopia, making it one of the largest high-volume cataract campaigns to ever take place in the country.

Our largest high-volume cataract campaign in Ethiopia began on May 4 in Quiha.

Each day, hundreds of people – mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, even small children – came to the Quiha Zonal Hospital from the surrounding countryside in hopes of regaining their sight.

We are thrilled to report more than 1,100 surgeries were performed, and the children’s surgeries were all great successes. 

We are grateful to Julbo sunglasses for helping protect their eyes post surgery. 

More on our work in Ethiopia can be found here.