“Out of the Darkness” screening for Cataract Awareness Month

An online screening of the award winning documentary, “Out of the Darkness,” featuring Himalayan Cataract Project founders Dr. Geoff Tabin and Dr. Sanduk Ruit will be available to the public June 4-11 with an exclusive LIVE panel featuring Dr. Ruit, Dr. Tabin and Director Stefano Levi, June 8 at 11am PDT.

On Thursday, June 8 at 11am PDT, a live panel with Dr. Geoff Tabin, Dr. Sanduk Ruit and Director Stefano Levi will be hosted by simaawards.org. This is a unique opportunity to interact with the doctors and the director by asking questions about the film, the director’s process and the doctors’ work, don’t miss your chance to talk directly with Dr. Ruit, Dr. Tabin and Mr. Levy.

The Social Impact Media Awards’ (SIMA) mission is to advance global awareness, social justice, human rights and education through creative works of visual storytelling that inspire activism, compassion and social transformation. Each month SIMA hosts SIMA RAMA, a global, online film club, aimed at sharing impactful documentaries.


More than half of the world's preventable blindness is caused by cataract disease, a clouding of the clear lens of the eye. In developing countries like Nepal, the disease is not only a personal tragedy but can devastate the economies of entire communities. Nepalese surgeon Dr. Sanduk Ruit, his American colleague Dr. Geoff Tabin and their team of local assistants, hike to the remote highlands of Nepal’s north east, together with porters who carry the entire hospital on their backs.

For 25 USD and a 5 minute operation, they are able to restore sight to cataract blinded people in the most remote and inaccessible areas on Earth. “Out of the Darkness” shows that this simple and inexpensive surgical procedure is not only life changing for those affected by cataract, but also benefits the economic structure of communities and the well being of its families.


Winner Jury Prize Best Mountain Film, Mountain Film Award, USA 2011

Winner Best Educational Film, Honolulu Film Awards, USA 2011

Winner Bronze Palm, Mexico Film Festival, Mexico 2011

Winner Outstanding Cinematic Creation, Vesak Buddhist Film Festival, Sri Lanka 2011

Winner Golden Ace Award, Las Vegas Film Festival, USA 2011

Winner Cinematography Excellence, Amsterdam Film Festival, USA 2011

Winner Best International Documentary, The Village Doc Film Festival, Milano Italy 2012

Winner “Miglior documentario di evasione”, The Village Doc Film Festival, Milano Italy 2012

Winner Special Jury Prize, Portugal Underground Film Festival, Portugal 2012

Nomination for Best Documentary, Tenerife Film Festival, UK 2011

Winner Special Jury Award “Ethos” Social Impact Media Award 2013, SIMA Awards 2013, USA

Watch the trailer: www.outofthedarkness-film.com

To attend the screening and the panel, just sign up for SIMA RAMA Cinema Club: https://simarama.club/

To learn more about Social Impact Media Awards, visit their website: https://simaawards.org/

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"Out of the Darkness - The Path to Light is a simple and sensitive film that takes you on a journey: into the mobile operations camp deep in the valley, high up on the mountains where miracles are created by simple means." - Andrea Mair, National Geographic