Successful Cataract Outreach and Trachoma Screenings in Ethiopia

Arba Minch Hospital provides almost 1,000 sight restoring surgeries

Partners at Arba Minch Hospital, led by local ophthalmologist Dr. Dawit Gidey, provided 987 sight restoring cataract surgeries in just one week from August 21-27. The full team included HCP Co-Founder, Dr. Geoff Tabin; Hawaiian Eye Foundation Mission Surgeon, Dr. Jeff Rutgard; Hawaiian Eye Foundation Executive Director, Darrah Kauhane; HCP Ghanaian partners, Drs. Oscar Debrah and James Addy; and HCP International Fellow Dr. Allison Jarstad.

In addition to the cataract surgeries, patients were screened for trachoma trichiasis launching a new two year initiative with the Izumi Foundation to implement a combined cataract and trachoma (“TT+”) program with partners at Arba Minch and Quiha Zonal Hospitals. The TT+ program was developed to help HCP’s partners in Ethiopia provide services to those arriving at planned cataract screenings with a variety of non-cataract eye ailments including trachoma. Patients diagnosed with the infectious disease were scheduled to return for surgery in September.

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