High-Volume Cataract Outreach in Mekelle, Ethiopia

Successful high-volume cataract outreach at Quiha Zonal Hospital results in 1,367 sight restoring surgeries

In just five days time, an amazing team comprised of HCP Affiliated Ophthalmologists and a host of in-country personnel and volunteers performed and assisted in a total of 1,367 sight restoring cataract surgeries. In attendance was HCP Co-Founder, Dr. Geoff Tabin; New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai Professor of Ophthalmology, Dr. Sean Ianchulev; HCP International Fellow, Dr. Neda Nikpoor; and long-time HCP supporter, David Dossetter, all of whom traveled to Mekelle, Ethiopia to work with Quiha Zonal Hospital’s Head Ophthalmologist, Dr. Tilahun Kiros, for the outreach campaign from August 21-26.

The following is an update from the field as reported by Dr. Tabin:

“In Mekelle, working with our partners at Quiha Zonal Hospital, we completed [almost] 1,400 sight restoring cataract surgeries...We operated on 51 pediatric cataracts. We had several Peace Corps Volunteers helping us and it was a great overall team effort that also included lots of teaching and great improvement by a resident from Gondar University. We also had Sean Ianchulev with us for a few days who brought an array of interesting ideas, technologies and also performed several surgeries.”

Drs. Tabin and Nikpoor are currently at Arba Minch Hospital in Ethiopia with HCP Chief of Program Administration, Pam Clapp, and HCP Board Members, Dr. Adrienne Graves and Mr. Mo Siegel, for another large outreach that will last through Monday, September 4th. 

This high volume cataract outreach was supported by a grant from the S. L. Gimbel Foundation.

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