Successful High-Volume Outreach Events in Ethiopia

Outreach in Boru Meda and Harar results in 2,592 sight-restoring surgeries.

In just ten days time, teams comprised of Ethiopian partners, HCP Affiliated Ophthalmologists, in-country personnel and volunteers performed and assisted in a total of 2,592 cataract sight-restoring surgeries.

The first outreach was held in the north central region of Ethiopia, in Dessie Wollo at Boru Meda Hospital, October 30 - November 3. Led by HCP Board Member, Dr. Matt Oliva who oversees HCP’s work in Ethiopia, and Boru Meda Head of Ophthalmology, Dr. Muluken Fantaw, 1,391 surgeries were performed. The surgical team was further strengthened by HCP Affiliated Ophthalmologists, Dr. Sam Cady and Dr. Seth Krawitz.

The second outreach effort took place in Harar, Ethiopia at Bisidimo Hospital and provided 1,201 sight-restoring surgeries from November 6 - 11. This event was led by HCP Partner, Dr. Mandefro Sintayehu and HCP Board Member, Dr. Matt Oliva; also in attendance was HCP Master Trainer, Dr. Bidya Pant from Nepal; Dr. Jalika Mustapha from Sierra Leone; Nurse Zin Mar Aung from Myanmar and Nurse Manisha Shahi from Nepal.