Successful Outreach Through Partnership

Local partners provide over 1,800 sight-restoring surgeries at cataract outreach events in May

In the past month, HCP partners in Ethiopia, Ghana and Nepal collectively provided 1,807 sight-restoring surgeries through five outreach events. Details of each outreach can be found below:


Khunde: May 15-16

An outreach team from the Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology successfully screened 61 cataract patients among 976 outpatients and performed 51 cataract surgeries at Khunde Hospital in Nepal. Additionally, 92 pairs of prescription glasses were distributed at Lukla hospital and other screening sites for this outreach event.


Ambo: May 6-12

A team from Menelik II/Addis Ababa University, led by HCP partner Dr. Sadik Taju, provided 422 sight-restoring surgeries at Ambo Hospital located in the West Shewa Zone of the Oromia Region, west of Addis Ababa.

Yabelo: May 6-11

HCP Partner and cataract surgeon, Dr. Abiyot Ayele and a team from the Arba Minch Hospital Eye Unit led this six-day outreach at Yabelo Hospital. The team provided 245 sight-restoring surgeries.

Adigrat: May 10-16

HCP Partners, Drs. Hagos Kidanemariam, Tilahun Kiros, Yonas Mitiku, Haftamu Assefa, Betiseda Eylachew and a team from Quiha General Hospital & Tertiary Eye Care Center performed 506 cataract and 100 trachoma trichiasis surgeries in Adigrat, Ethiopia - a village located in the Misraqawi Zone of the Tigray Region of Ethiopia.


Kpando May 20 - 24

A team from Komfo Anoyke Teaching Hospital traveled to Kpando, Ghana located in the Volta Region May 20-24. A total of 483 sight-restoring surgeries were performed at this outreach event that was led by HCP Partners, Drs. Seth Lartey, Kwadwo Amoah and Amos Aikens. 

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