The Gift of Sight in Ghana

In July, HCP partnered with Operation Eyesight Universal (OEU) to improve eye care in Ghana through support designed to advance ophthalmic capacity of the countries eye care personnel in 10 regions of Ghana. 

Phase one officially launched in November and involved a series of small cataract campaigns in 3 regions. (Akim Oda Government Hospital in the eastern region, Salt Pond in the central region and Tarkwa in the western region).

Among the many beautiful stories were of two women, both named Abena.

Abena Nua, a 70-year-old farmer came to the Akim Oda Government Hospital with bilateral cataracts. She had been completely blind for more than a year. She had not been able to farm since she lost her vision and she needed to rely on her children to get around. 

Abena underwent a successful bilateral surgery with Dr. Boateng Wiafe. In less than 24 hours, Abena could once again see her family and move about freely. 

She had regained her sight and her freedom.


68-year-old Abena Abogye also arrived at the HCP-supported high-volume cataract campaign completely blind. Abena came to the hospital filled with hope. The hope to see her family again, to be able to return to work and to get back her independence.

Abena Aboagye is a plantain farmer with 4 children.

A childhood bout with measles took the sight in her left eye at the age of 4. Abena worked to overcome the sight loss, going on to have a family and spending her days in the field to provide for them.

About a year ago, however, a cataract clouded the vision in her right eye, rendering her completely blind. Abena was no longer able to work and needed to rely on her children to take care of her.

At the hospital, Abena was placed in the skillful hands of Dr. Boateng Wiafe for her cataract surgery. On Thanksgiving day, Abena’s patch was removed and her vision restored. She would receive everything she hoped for.

"I am thankful to God for sending such wonderful people here to help me," Abena said beaming.

I am thankful to God for sending such wonderful people here to help me."

– Abena Aboagye