Donor Story: The Helping Hands

Group of 10 year-old friends raise money for HCP.

The Himalayan Cataract Project would like to introduce you to a group of humanitarians called, The Helping Hands. Meet Barrett, Corynn, Isabella, Lauren, Lucia, and Susanna - six small people with big hearts who raised $250 for HCP through a bake sale at Cory Elementary School in Denver, Colorado.

When asked what inspired the group, the girls said, “Sight is such an important part of life, and everyone should be able to see. We think that the Himalayan Cataract project is an amazing organization. We think that being able to give people the gift of sight is incredible.”

Parents of The Helping Hands, were exuberantly proud of the girls’ efforts and dedication to philanthropy. As one parent noted, “The inspiration to fundraise, the choosing of an organization, the planning, advertising, and selling were all done by this incredible group of 10 year old girls!"

Cory Elementary Principal, Mrs. Joan Wieser had this to say about the hard work and dedication put in by the group,”I was thrilled the girls wanted to make a global impact and spread awareness within our community. The girls created a thoughtful proposal and an action plan to educate their peers and interact with the larger Cory community through a bake sale. We value student building partnerships with organizations to bring change. We are ready to support our students’ hopes, dreams, and passion through real world opportunities. I am so proud of the incentive, dedication and compassion the girls modeled throughout their fundraising.”

So what did The Helping Hands say when they heard they will restore sight to 10 people, “It is heartwarming and it feels like we made such an impact in people's lives!’’

A huge thank you to The Helping Hands - a group of young people who are using their time to fundraise for causes to help others – and showing grown-ups, you are never too young to do a world of good.

I was thrilled the girls wanted to make a global impact and spread awareness within our community."

– Cory Elementary Principal, Mrs. Joan Wieser