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Family Foundation Gives Large Donation after watching “Out of Darkness” on 60 Minutes

“What moved us was the tremendous impact that the surgery has on the lives of the patients and their families.”

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“What moved us was the tremendous impact that the surgery has on the lives of the patients and their families.”

The generosity of this first time donor to HCP, who chooses to remain anonymous, was sparked by the “Out of Darkness,” segment featured on CBS’ 60 Minutes, April 16. In this piece, which will re-air July 16th, host Bill Whitaker and his team caught up with Dr. Ruit and Dr. Tabin in Myanmar, while the surgeons led a cataract and cornea workshop for 30 of the country’s top ophthalmologists. The workshop resulted in 700 sight-restoring surgeries, including corneal transplants, all completed in just a few days. 

For this family foundation, the most impactful information was the economics and efficiency of the HCP. They commented, “Both of our mothers have had cataract surgery and while those surgeries were efficient by US standards, it was nothing close to the HCP in time or cost.”

Their donation of $100,000 is among one of the largest they've ever given, which they attributed to HCP’s efficiency and reach, “First, we were moved by the dedication of the two doctors who started the project. Second, the operating procedure they have put into place is incredibly efficient. Third, they found a source for low cost, quality lenses. Fourth, HCP is cloning its Himalayan area expertise and experience around the globe to multiply its impact. Put those factors together and many, many lives are transformed.”

This wonderful family foundation also gives to The Doe Fund (aka, Ready, Willing and Able) and The Innocence Project. The Doe Fund helps homeless and formerly incarcerated men develop life and job skills in order to transition back to mainstream society and reclaim their lives. The Innocence Project, works to exonerate individuals wrongly convicted through DNA testing and works to reform the criminal justice system to reduce further injustices.

Be sure to catch the rebroadcast of, “Out of Darkness,” on 60 Minutes, Sunday, July 16 at 7 pm EDT.

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“These people regain their sight, they are literally getting back their lives and the impact is multiplied as their families, who have to spend so much time caring for them, also get back their lives. Seeing the joy on their faces brought us to tears.”

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