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Sight Restored to Several Members of One Ethiopian Family During Recent Outreach.

Mr. Alemayehu Leku Dullo and his wife, son, and three daughters live in the Uraga District, East Guji zone of Oromia, Ethiopia - 400 kilometers from HCP partners at Arba Minch Hospital.

Mr. Dullo, his son and two of his daughters had such poor vision that they were no longer able to work or attend school. They desperately needed help. Mr. Dullo is a farmer who relies on his eyesight to work and take care of his family. Their livelihoods had been taken away because they could no longer see.

The family attended a recent high-volume cataract outreach event at Arba Minch Hospital in August, during which HCP’s co-founder, Dr. Geoff Tabin, Affiliated Ophthalmologist, Dr. Huck Holz, and local partners Dr. Dawit Geidey from Arba Minch and Dr. Daniel Getenah of Wolaita, worked together to provide 1,408 cataract surgeries. During the outreach, Dr. Tabin was able to perform cataract surgery on Mr. Dullo and his three children, successfully restoring their sight. Mr. Dullo expressed his sincerest gratitude for Dr. Tabin and asked that we share his story.

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