Bequest and Legacy Form

The Himalayan Cataract Project depends on charitable contributions to carry out its work to eradicate needless blindness in underserved areas of the world. This Letter of Intent indicates your intention to make a gift that will support the HCP mission into the future. By making this gift, you will become a member of the HCP Visio Society. To recognize your generosity and to inspire others to make similar gifts, we would like to include your name in select HCP publications. Please share your gift details below.

It is my (our) pleasure to inform you that I (we) have named Himalayan Cataract Project as a beneficiary of a gift through my estate. This letter signifies my (our) intention to make a bequest through my (our) estate plan.

Investing in the future of Himalayan Cataract Project gives me (us) great satisfaction in knowing that my (our) gift will help ensure the continuation of the HCP mission to help men, women, and children in the developing world who are suffering due to needless blindness.

The details of your gift will always remain confidential. Please indicate your preference below.

If you would like to inform HCP of the current value of your gift, please do so:

Thank you for sharing this information to ensure that when the time comes, HCP understands and will honor your bequest intentions. Your plans will remain confidential.