Ann Ndione
Program Coordinator

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Ann Ndione works in the Waterbury, Vermont office as Program Coordinator to primarily support HCP’s robust Training and Education Program. Duties include arranging the logistics related to providing training opportunities each year for dozens of ophthalmic personnel from our partner institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia in addition to responding to inquiries and developing internal screening process. In addition she oversees visa applications and medical licensing for volunteers and provide logistical support for planning of volunteer opportunities (communicate with in-country partners and book flights and accommodations, etc.). 

Ann is a recently retired Science teacher. She taught in a number of schools in Vermont and in Senegal. Ann has taught everything from microbiology to entomology to conceptual physics. One of her favorite, self designed, units of study was Vision and Light, exploring the biology of vision and the physics of light. Travel has been a big part of her life and she studied comparative education in Cuba, Southwest China and Senegal. Using those experiences has enriched her ability to help students relate what they are learning to the greater world.